The Integrated Learning Annex

The Resource Center Reinvented.

Life is this amazingly awesome thing, replete with sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings, emotions, expectations, praises, criticisms, friends, foes, obligations, allies, competitors, markets, victories, in-laws, stock options, rat races, defeats, surprises, traffic jams and so, so much more. There are social cues, decorums, and implicit rules. There are times and places for everything and not everything is appropriate for now -- but maybe when your authoritative boss, Mary, stands up. There are jobs that need doing, deals that need negotiating, and courses that need passing. There are conversations that need sensitive words and debates that need iron-fisted logic. There are husbands that need uplifting, wives that need to let off some steam, and kids that need to create. 

When you think about it, life can be rather overwhelming. There are just so many things that need attending to at any given moment. The Internet has been monumental at helping connect people to really great information, but even that can be drowning. Can a Meyer-Briggs test really let me know if my child, the ESTP, should really become a content marketer? Are Millennials that tough to train in an office setting? Is my wife depressed? Am I fulfilling my purpose? Is Mindfulness really a thing?

When we first thought of The Integrated Annex over a year ago, we didn’t approach it as clinicians: we approached it as people. People with concerns and neuroses. People with dreams and ideas. People with educations, professions, and families. As we took our time to let this seed grow into a fruit-bearing tree, our ideas were pruned, clipped, and reshaped as we interacted with our friends and family in the clinic.

We are now ready to share our vision for better everything’s with you. 

The Integrated Learning Annex is a place where individuals and their families can come to explore ways of making all life’s information make sense. We have lots of great ideas, approaches, and programs that we hope will be impactful.

We are founded and informed by our parent clinic, Southern California Neuropsychology Group, where we busy ourselves studying the interactions between the brain and observed behavior. Our staff takes this foundation and branches into a number of research and practice interests that make for great conversation and programming. Some of us are fascinated by decisions and how to make the best ones, others are fascinated by achievement and how to bring the best out of kids. We discuss creativity, optimal strategies for raising capital, and how to approach an irritable 16-year old. If it involves people it involves us. 

We start by simply asking...

What do you need?

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