Southern California Neuropsychology Group Unveils New Professional Services Division


Amid all the chaos native to job hunting, nothing quite sets teeth on edge like interviewing. Whether the employer or the prospect, a lot is riding on the line when job-seekers finally make their way into the interviewing room.

The chaos, however, begins for the employer when they place an ad on a job posting site like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, or even Craigslist. A few years ago, we hired a new Office Manager using Craigslist. Within 24 hours, we had 90 applications for an entry level position that paid minimum wage.

Chaos! 90 applications!

We managed to generate a short list of 6 and hold 5 interviews, but this is a problem that many organizations face. Since we at SCNPG are natural born problem solvers, we decided to apply the power of psychology to the talent pipeline process.

Most of use utilize some kind of automated application software, but those systems can be unwieldy with mostly superficial success. No one can spot and size up a human better than a trained professional.

So, we put our minds together and designed a service intended to relieve the stress for hiring managers. Our candidate screening solution, housed within our suite of new Business Solutions is an affordable and efficient solution for managing your talent pipelines. Whether hiring for a new position or considering a potential promotion, our easily deployable screener gives decision-makers invaluable information about how a prospect thinks, learns, solves problems, and interacts with different kinds of people. 

We've taken pride in designing this solution because the people component of business is critical. Contact a representative today and get your prospect pipeline streamlined and powerful!

Southern California Neuropsychology Group
Business Solutions Division