Brain Mechanics

Tutoring has long been seen as a means to academic success. We would like to expand upon that idea and focus on the learning process. How we learn and what approach is best is different for everyone. Distractibility, anxiety, and frustration are not addressed in school, but it plays a huge role in overall performance.

  1. Pre-Screener
    First, we establish a baseline to see how your brain works. We identify your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Training Sessions
    Once we have the measure we can tailor sessions to focus on more effective learning strategies, reducing anxiety, or maintaining focus.
  3. Post-Screener
    The post-test offers clear and measurable data so we can track changes over time.

Brain Mechanics was designed with flexibility in mind. We are passionate in our belief that every individual is different and should be treated as so. Thus, we look at the entire mental profile when assessing and training and make impactful recommendations aimed at your success!

To schedule for an appointment please contact Bryce at 818-340-7700