We offer many additional programs run by the specialists around the clinic. Our Podcast, The Brain Mechanics, features Dr. Conover and Bryce Brown; our coaching programs, Mastering Mental Strengths, focus on personal and professional development; and our clinical training programs help graduate students gain proficiency over neuropsychological testing and life in private practice.


The Brain Mechanics Podcast

Ever wondered why people do what they do? Well, every Friday at 7AM listen to clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Conover, and professional coach, Bryce Brown, discuss mind, behavior, and current events from their unique brain-based perspective. Their on-air chemistry and thought-provoking content have lead to tens of thousands of streams and community engagement. Check out an episode on your next commute!


Personal/Professional Coaching

Our coaching programs are run by Bryce Brown and focus on mind and behavior in personal and professional development. 

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Graduate Training

Every year, the clinic welcomes 5-10 graduate students from programs around Southern California to gain advanced clinical training from our clinicians.