“Chaos is the energy that takes us off our feet, in order to be put on our knees, giving us another view of the world around us.”

- Dr. Michelle Conover

Why a neuropsychological evaluation?

If you are suffering from a head injury or concussion, learning problems, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or you are undergoing a neurodegenerative disease processes such as Alzheimer’s for example, you are no longer functioning at an optimal level. In order to help alleviate the distressing symptoms or rebuild your cognitive processes we need to establish a baseline or starting point. The baseline data from the assessment is analyzed and a treatment plan is generated that addresses the specific problem areas so that we can help you get better faster.


Adult Neuropsychological Assessments


Our assessment philosophy takes into account your entire life circumstances in order to provide the most thorough and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your needs. Have you ever had an experience with a doctor that made you feel as if you weren’t being heard? Or have you ever been frustrated with a therapist who seems to ‘mean well’, but doesn’t seem to know how to fix your problems?

We strive for a better way of treating people by accepting the fact that every person is unique and thus avoid the pitfalls of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy.

We perform neuropsychological assessments for a variety of people who come in, and they are not just limited to people who have brain injuries or are concerned that they might have dementia. Our stance is that cognitive profiles are essential towards painting the full picture of a human being; in the same way that colors make a painting, or buttons make a jacket, it is the lynchpin and the ‘invisible’ guiding force in our lives that help us make decisions and solve problems. Would you want to know more about yourself and how you function in the world? If so, schedule an appointment with us today!

Child & Adolescent Neuropsychological Assessments

Has your child been described by teachers as ‘defiant’ or ‘disruptive’? Have you ever been told that they are incredibly ‘smart but constantly distracted’? Or is your child not applying themselves enough in their classes? Our child neuropsychological assessments are designed to target multiple components to developmental dysfunction and asks three overarching questions:

Are there skills that they need to learn that are interfering with learning?

Are there neurodevelopmental disorders that require individualized treatment plans that will impact performance and behavior at school? (e.g. ADHD, Social Anxiety Disorder)

Is there something in your child’s environment, usually in the form of dysfunctional relationships with adults or peers that need to be addressed in order to provide them with the most loving and mentally healthy surroundings as possible?

Our questions will include all of these considerations and more, and we work hard in order to ensure that school staff and parents are able to target exactly the right type of behaviors and neurodevelopmental deficits, while keeping in mind that every child is to be cherished and appreciated for their strengths (and weaknesses!).

For inquiries regarding adult and child assessments, please contact Jennifer Cepeda at our office: (818) 340-7700